This January we began following a Bible program that will take us through the New Testament in one year. Through the free app, Youversion, you can join us, either reading it or having the app read it to you.  As people who want to follow, learn from and obey Jesus, we want to take seriously God’s Word to us.   As we take seriously what God might be saying to us today through the bible, you will be challenged to ask, “Based on today’s reading, what is one thing God is saying to you?”  Even if you are unsure about Jesus, God, and “all that stuff”, why not explore the possibility of a relationship with him?

You can join at any time!

Suggested links for understanding the bible.

Brought to you by the Bible Project.

How to Read the Bible

Learn about the Bible and how to read it well: from an introduction to the important differences of the various literary genres compiled within.

Book Overviews

Visualize the shape and core themes of every book of the Bible through an illustrated outline.
Book Overviews

Theme Videos

Discover big ideas core to the biblical story from their first appearance through the entire narrative of the Bible.

New Church Paradigm series was presented in January on how we can shape the church moving forward. If  you’ve missed any sermons or daily talks, you can find them all right here!

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