The Penrith Baptist Church congregation prayerfully and financially supports a number of outreach / mission projects / programmes. These are a few of them.

Chaplaincy  in Public Schools

of Western Sydney

Thru GWFC 

School chaplains are a way to support and assist the school community.  Chaplains seek to bring comfort, relive burdens , bring hope, give voice and empower people and communities.  We at Penrith Baptist Church support the chaplaincies in Penrith public schools through GWFC.

You can help support your local schoold chaplain by clicking on the link below.

Pray for Thailand

About Petina

Petina has been living among the Ethnic Thai people in Ban Luang since 2013. She has seen God grow and develop the communities of believers and has learnt the value of building relationships in order to gain trust and share the Gospel in culturally appropriate ways with the Ethnic Thai.

Global Interaction

The international intercultural sending agency of Australian Baptist churches and facilitates the service of Australian Baptists in Christ’s global mission.

Baptist World Aid Australia

With your support, we partner with local Christian organisations to be love and work alongside poor communities, helping them to end poverty. Baptist World Aid currently has 42 partners in 18 countries.

Baptist World Aid

Scripture Classes in Penrith

Special religious education (SRE or Scripture as it is commonly known) is education in the beliefs and practices of an approved religious persuasion. Under the Education Act 1990.

We have volunteers who teach SRE in Claremont Meadows and Orchard Hills Public Schools and we prayerfully support Scripture classes in Claremont Meadows and in all Penrith schools.